Thursday, October 27, 2011

Micro-Review: Kevin Fowler - Chippin' Away

Note: Have some extra time, so finally doing micro-reviews of some of the albums I never got around to reviewing.  Expect quite a few in the coming days.

I mentioned back in the Eli Young Band review, that I do not know what makes certain music "Texas Country". I will admit, though, that the two albums I have heard in that genre this year have been fantastic.  Kevin Fowler's "Chippin' Away" is another one that will likely not be recognized much outside of the Lone Star State, but with party songs like "Hell Yeah I Like Beer" and "Beer Money" coupled with the serious "Daddy's And Daughters" and the fun "Girl In A Truck" and "That Girl", the singer should be bigger than he is.  The only weak points on the album are "Big River" and "Do That With You Gone".  The closing track, "Knocked Up" is a live performance, and the content, while borderline inappropriate (sings about getting a girl not quite out of high school pregnant), will have you laughing. 9/10

Kevin Fowler's "Chippin' Away" is available here from

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