Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Album Review: Miranda Lambert - Four The Record

Miranda Lambert has had an awesome, but busy year with the Pistol Annies, not to mention her new marriage to Blake Shelton (who is also featured on her album, song Better In The Long Run). Also this is her 4th album that has gone to number 1. This makes her the only country artist to have their 4 records go to number 1 on the country charts.
So CONGRATS to Lambert.

All kinds of kind: First time around listening to this song it took me 30 seconds to tell that this was NOT her normal style. Then questioning why she was talking about Ilas who was an acrobat, or congressman dressing up in dresses to realize that if you open the box, the people living in there are some weird, crazy, insane people in this world. Even then, it takes all kinds of kind to make the world go round. This song makes me want to get to know those people, just to experience a different side of the world so I can say "guess what I am a kind." (What's with the minute and half that's nothing but music radio station are going to cut the song off short???)

Fine Tune: I almost missed the first line were she says "I've been missing all the vital signs" if I had not gone back. Is she trying to state a point with the title "Fine Tune" and the way you cant understand what shes saying unless you read the lyrics with the song??? Not my favorite at all. kinda sounds like she's bored, but makes a great point of guys; they turn all the loose strings, kiss you from your wrist to your neck and running your fingers through my hair. All I've got to say to that is ewwwww la la (read that slow if you don't understand) kinda cant wait for Christmas when I see my man.

Fastest Girl In Town: Powerful kind of attitude I love from her. A style she should keep. It describes the "I don't care what people think" fire that people in the music business need. It's your life! So live it to the fullest not what you think people want you to you do. So Rock On! Kick Some Ass :-)

Safe: Sounds like my relationship with my boyfriend. I always feel safe with him, and I hope he feels the same. "I'll spend forever making sure I can erase every tear you ever thought about crying" basically love him through everything knowing this song is about Blake Shelton. Ahh love.

Mama's Broken Heart: When I hear this song it makes me think of the olden day mamas. "Powder your nose, paint your toes, line your lips and keep'em closed, cross your legs, dot your I's, and never let them see you cry" "Run and hide your crazy, start acting like a lady," but I guess she has not seen the country girls in Fayetteville, NC. Love the song Reminds me of my dad. hahaha

Dear Diamond: I can relate to getting a new ring. "Perfectly flawless, to good to be true." She goes on by saying "Promise to never do what I've done, I've lied to someone." Everyone has their own dark secrets but when it comes down to it do you want to "Lie like the devil or just face the truth?" Everything about this song makes me wonder should they be getting married??  I mean hiding your poop sounds from them when you first get married is one thing or even dating, but "what he don't know WILL kill him," makes you question?? That closet must be deep if you don't think he won't find out.

Same Old You: Kinda makes me think this song came from a drunk person one night or a day were you realize WTF am I doing in this relationship. Same old complaints of a person who wants to leave but when their about to walk out the front door for good they looks back and all your can see is the good time. It draws you back to that no good life.

Baggage Claim:  Enjoy the music video for this one

Easy Living: Short, and to the point. A kiss in the morning (no coffee for me) "It's easy living, it's easy loving you."

Over You: Blake Shelton is the true artist of this song. They interviewed Miranda Lambert and she states that it was a very emotional time and this song is all about his brother who died when Shelton was in his teen years. Lambert goes on to say that the reason she sings the song is because Shelton didn't want to have to get up on stage to relive a horrible time in his life every day, week, month, year. The song gives off this emotional hurt, but knowing of protection. Even though Shelton chooses not to sing this song, Lambert pulls off this elegant, beautiful sound. This song is his history.

Look At Miss Ohio: I feel myself getting bored now. This song is one of many on this album that has no emotion to it. It's just got this tempo/sound of okay lets get this over with. I have never been more ill interested in a song. It talks about a Miss Ohio wanting to get married but not now and all her mom is doing is pushing her in to it. Okay I know when my parents try to push me in to something it pisses me off. WHERE IS THE EMOTION, the fire, anything? This song sounds like Lambert is an on-looking party, but still where's the interest that grabbed your attention to even make this song? Was this song a last minute addition because she had nothing else in her life to write about?

Better In The Long Run: Well yes I like this song but i don't blame Blake Shelton or Miranda Lambert for this song. This song makes you think does this song represent them when NO one knew they were dating for almost 3 years? Is this what they thought at one point about there relationship? Although I love the meaning cause lord knows I've been in that type of situation; the chorus sounds like they both are yelling at the microphone to be heard over the other. While I love them as separate indiviuals as well as a couple, I don't think singing together sounds right. There both dominant so having them sing together at times sounds like a pissed off cat looking for a fight. They would be better off in a slow romantic song.

Nobody's Fool: I really don't have anything to say about this song. Its a pretty simple song of a break up and the guy moving on or trying to rub the next girl in her face. Replacement is no fun, but then again there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Oklahoma Sky: Before I even played this song I looked at how long the song was(4:47), then I assumed there would be a lot of lyrics but when i looked it up the song was 3 paragraphs. In my mind I'm guessing there's a lot of instrumental parts. This song to me has a lot of mystery. I've listened to the song over and over but all I know is that it deals with a lot of love.

Although It took me longer to review this album then I thought; it was an okay album. I saw MTV featuring Miranda Lambert and she talked so high about this album that I had high expectations. Especially since she states it has a lot of her personality, and that it shows her curiosity with the different styles. So Congrats and good luck with the marriage. 6.5/10

(I would love to sit down with her and ask about some of these songs because they have so much mystery to them. Even to get it straight if this album is all about Blake Shelton and her or not?)


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  1. Obviously this album was made for a mass audience, not for someone who could value her previous ones. I disagree, this is not an ‘OKAY’ album! It’s mere degradation, which is sad! Unfortunately her last album is too pop-driven. I guess she will hardly ever outshine her previous albums. From an inspiring country/rock’n’roll young artist she has become a ‘slightly grown-up Taylor Swift’ to my disappointment! I’m not from the US, but to my humble taste in music, when I first came across the country music, Miranda stroke me as someone who was able to blend traditional country with a fine classic rock bit. That’s what I still appreciate, and therefore I still love listening to her previous tracks. But no the ‘Four the record’! What a title! I guess when artists choose such a title for their records (like “Play on”, album 6, etc.), it merely indicates the decline of creativity and a everlasting necessity to earn money. Her previous albums showed energy, dash, a unique style, though less popularity. Now I can see that to be on top of popularity and financial success one strongly needs to be mainstream. And as always every artists goes pop one day.