Friday, December 9, 2011

Album Review: Lady Antebellum - Own The Night

Lady Antebellum wasted no time following up their smash hit album "Need You Now".  After racking up numerous awards (including five Grammy's), the group is back with their third album, "Own The Night"

We Owned The Night: This song has already been released and over-played on the radio but it has this amazing sound lovable message and romantic video. Great lyrics and sound.

Just A Kiss: Another great song. The story of love. A strong connection that takes your breathe away. A song dealing with love being so strong that they don't want everything to end so they take it slow with "just a kiss."

Dancin' Away With My Heart: You always hear stories on TV about couples who go off to college and never see each other till they find one another again in some way (i.e. Facebook) and then they get married and talk about the good old days. When they met each other. It only takes one moment to catch someones heart. This song explains that perfectly.

Friday Night: Such a different style. I normally hate songs like this, but they execute it perfectly. They write of a woman "I don't wanna be another chore to check off on your list." "I wanna be your Friday night sweet ride summertime sunshine barefoot in the moonlight." Basically do what you have to do but when you get home its always Friday night.

When You Were Mine: Brings back memories of when I would have a nasty breakup, later all I could think about would be the good times. "You promised you'd never break my heart, never leave me in the dark, said your love would be for all time." "But that was back when you were mine."

Cold As Stone: It is easier to just put up huge electric fence around your heart when something goes wrong. It is easier to move on when your not admitting that you got hurt. "I wish I was cold as stone, then I wouldn't feel a thing. I wish I didn't have this heart, then I wouldn't know the sting of the pain." To me the best way to get over someone is to find some better who is worth it. No need to be a pathetic person who just talks about there break ups and how there madly in love with them.

Singing Me Home: Awesome song. Now I know almost every country boy has had this happen. "My baby's riding shotgun, singin just a little off key. Her feet on the dashboard, tapping out the back beat. " "got the sunshine shining through the windshield, got a hand on her leg the other on the wheel." The chorus sounds like The Temptations only with a girl. Different but I love it.

Wanted You More: I despise those relationships where there is only one person giving everything thing humanly possible for the other and they're just blind (mostly it is the guy who doesn't show emotions well). Although I think the song was sung a little too clean cut regardless it was beautiful for a break up song. ;-)

As You Turn Away: when things are bad, there normally is a long road to recovering the relationship. Most don't get to recovery they just leave. A hearts already fully broken, there is no repair for that. Also, there is the let's be friends horse poopy. "No we can't be friends cause I don't think I could take seeing you and knowing where we've been." I'm a little harsh but the song explains it in a gentle matter.

Love I've Found In You: I'm in love with this song. Definitely a song that will be played at a lot of weddings. So Romantic.

Somewhere Love Remains: I swear I could have used this album in high school with all the up and down relationships I went through. Sometimes I think they just take all my experiences and put them in song. (wait then, shouldn't I be getting paid too hahaha NOT) Another great break up song.

Heart Of The World: So Soft, incredibly smooth sounding. Almost like a lullaby it's so sexy.

Own The Night was fantastic. (maybe I'm just in a good mood) I felt the whole album had so much personality and awesome mix of style. Even though he songs are out in order with romantic, then break up and back to romantic and so on. Every song exploded my mind with old memories. (good and bad) This is how country music should stay. Songs that people can relate to. Well done.  9.5/10


  1. this is my favorite song right now<3 it means soo much to me and i keep playing it overr<3

  2. i went to there concert 2/25/12 it was awasome i was righ by the walk thing i was an inch away from touching the guy with the guitar it was great. now i feel that i buy againLady Antebellum Tickets. and i got again chanse to meet Charles Kelly....i love him..