Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rebooting, With A New Name

Hey everyone.I know it has been several months since we have done a review. This post it to let you know that we are coming back, starting tonight, with a new name and new reviews. First things first. I have decided to change the name of the blog. I feel that "Off The Dirt Road" better reflects the type of country music that we review. As I mentioned in May, while we have always reviewed country artists of all levels of fame, most of our fan base and our reviews have been for the smaller, up-and-coming artists. "Off The Dirt Road" is a better representation of that base. Second, I will be posting a review of the new Florida Georgia Line album tonight and over the next couple weeks, will take time to review some of the albums I have missed, including the latest offerings from Jason Aldean and Brian Davis. Finally, I am hunting for a new writer. Be on the lookout for an announcement on who that is in the near future. Thanks to anyone who has stuck with us, even during this extended period of no reviews.

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