Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Album Review: Dierks Bentley - Home

It is hard to believe that Dierks Bentley has been in the Country Music world for nine years, but since 2003, the Arizona native has been giving us music to party by as well as music that causes us to reflect.  Six studio albums and eight #1 singles later, Bentley is back with more of what he does best, and his latest album does not disappoint.  "Home", the follow up to 2010's bluegrass filled "Up On The Ridge" has already produced one #1 song ("Am I The Only One") and the second single, the title track "Home", is rapidly climbing the charts.

Bentley kicks the album off with a couple of party songs.  "Am I The Only One", the first single and #1 from the album is a rocked out version of Hank Jr's "All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down".  "Gonna Die Young" continues this vibe, which picks up later in the album with "5-1-5-0".  The latter is a reference to the police code for a crazy person and makes for one of the most fun songs to drive and sing along to.  All three of these bring the style that made "Sideways" such a hit for Dierks.

As known as he is for his rocking songs, Bentley might be known even more for his mid-tempo love songs.  Tracks like "Tip It On Back" and "In My Head", two of the likely-to-be underrated tracks on the album, are great examples of this.  "When You Gonna Come Around", featuring Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town, furthers this niche, providing a beautiful duet.

The song that is sure to get everyone talking, however, is "Thinking Of You".  Not only is it a beautiful love long, sure to resonate with both musicians and military alike, it also features Bentley's three year-old daughter, Evie, who sings the chorus on her own at the end.  Just listening to her sing will bring a smile to everyone's face.  She even joined him on stage for one of his shows to sing with her pops.

One other track especially worth mentioning (though they all are), is "Home".  The second single from the album is a reflective track, along the lines of "Every Mile A Memory" and so many of his other hits.  This one will be a #1 song soon, and deservedly so.  The track feels genuine.

The album, "Home", is filled with solid tracks that are sure to appeal to everyone.  Fans of all ages will hear something on this record that they will find themselves singing all day long.  The songs are catchy, but never feel fake.  Dierks does not step outside of the comfort zone, as he did with "Up On The Ridge", but the album is still an enjoyable listen from end to end.  Country music is off to a good start in 2012, and Dierks is sure to continue to be a heavy force in the genre for several years.  8.5/10

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