Sunday, March 18, 2012

Album Review: Luke Bryan - Spring Break 4... Suntan City

About this time every year, Luke Bryan releases a short, four song EP of party songs.  Many of these songs are ones that Bryan admits would never get much radio play, but he enjoys making them and the freedom he gets without the pressures from the record label.  2012 brings us the fourth iteration of the series, "Suntan City".  Previous "Spring Break" EPs have brought us such songs as "I'm Hungover", "Wild Weekend" and "It's A Shore Thing".

Suntan City - Bryan kicks of the EP with the best track on the album, the title track "Suntan City".  This one really sets the mood, talking about how people from all over the country head to the beach during Spring Break for a week or so of partying.  "Hey there cutie with the Kentucky coozie/ Have you ever hung with a Georgia Boy?/ Why don't you and your friends ease on over here/ and chug a beer with Miss Illinois".  Easily the strongest track on the album.

Spring Break-Up - Following up with a song about Spring Break promiscuity, Luke talks about moving on from one girl while trying to pick up another.  Problem is, the first one is not getting the message.  Bryan tries to tell her that there should be no hard feelings, but he "Don't need (her) number/ Don't wanna be (her) Facebook friend".

Little Bit Later On - Definitely a goofy song, this is one of the songs that Bryan was talking about when he said they are not necessarily recording for radio.  Much of the song is spoken rather than sung, as the Spring Breakers work on trying to make plans for the night.

Shake the Sand Off the Sheets - The only slow song on the EP, "Shake the Sand Off the Sheets" is a love song, talking about getting ready to climb into bed together.  The romantic tone definitely highlights Bryan voice, which allows it to fit nicely without feeling out of place on the party album.

While "Suntan City" is not the best of the Spring Break EPs Luke Bryan has released, it definitely holds its own and accomplishes what it set out to do.  The party EP has enough good tunes to satisfy fans and bridge the gap between "Tailgates and Tanlines" and whatever project Bryan releases next.  At only about $3.50 for the four tracks, it is definitely worth the money.  7.5/10

This album was purchased from the Google Play store.  It can also be found on Amazon and iTunes

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